Beaverton, OR

Mother of an incredible little 2 almost 3 year old little boy. Love my family so much!

Julieann posted in In-Laws Feb 12

Am I being crazy?

So I don’t know if this should be a big thing or not or it might just be my hormones. But I am almost 5 months pregnant and have yet to announce my pregnancy to my whole family & friends. That being said, the only people that do know are just immediate family members on my side and my boyfriend’s side. I haven’t broadcast my pregnancy to my uncles or aunts yet, let alone any friends or any... More

Acne ugh

My face has been breaking out with some mild acne but all on the lower half of my face and this never happen until now with my second pregnancy. I was wonder if anyone else has dealt with this and what helped cleared up the acne

Morning sickness

So I am going on three months pregnant with my second baby. And with this one I have gotten horrible morning sickness unlike with my first born I didn’t really have morning sickness my first trimester. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out some things to take to keep the food down and not have to go to the bathroom and throw it up like right away. What helped you during morning sic... More

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