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Frida posted in Toddlers Jan 02

California trip!

Hi moms and dads! My baby will be turning 2 in March and we’re planning to go visit my husband’s side of the family in California we will be going to Disneyland but I’ve never been there before if anyone can give me advice or guide me or let me know something that we have to do/try while there would be great! And if you know of other places toddler friendly as well!

Oppositional defiant disorder

Hi guys! I have a 19 month old who is just something else lol, ever since he was a baby he wouldn’t smile at people like other babies do, I have to say he is really smart he says a lot of words, and comprehends most of the stuff that a kid his age should, but he’s mad most of the time, he gets aggressive, if I try to help him he doesn’t like it he gets annoyed pretty fast by everything, when he... More

First birthday party places??????

Hi moms/dads, I live in Arlington tx and my baby is going to be one year old next month, we were first planning on going to chuckecheese just with 9 kids and their parents but my husband doesn’t really like the idea since there’s always a chaos there, and a 1 year old doesn’t really enjoy it yet, any good places for a first birthday party around Dallas/FORT WORTH/Arlington area?

11 month old hits himself out of anger, is this normal or should I be worried?

Hi moms! My almost 11 month old recently started hitting his head with his both hands when he gets angry he tries to hit me too but I don’t let him, I’ve been reading it’s a common thing because they don’t know how to handle anger and frustration, and that it eventually goes away, but I wanted to know if y’all went or are going through the same and how you guys handle it. Also my first concern... More

Ear infection

Hi moms, I have a ten month old and he has a ear infection, already went to the dr and gave him antibiotics for it he’s been drinking them for 2 days now, I told the dr my baby was peeing less, and she just said to give him some pedialyte, he’s been having diarrhea and he got a really really bad diaper dash, he refuses to eat solid food he’s been breastfeeding all the time but his lips are dry ... More

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