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What ever your first child didn’t do the second will do. Mommy of two boy and anxiety lol

Trying to stop breastfeeding

Hey moms, I need help. My son is turning 1 this Sunday (on the 13th) and he has 8 teeth already. I’m trying to get him off the boob but he’s a fighter and doesn’t want to get off. Any suggestion moms

My 3 year old is ALWAYS constipated

I have him drinking a lot of water, he eats a lot of fruits but it’s hard to get him to eat veggies( what 3 year old doesn’t fight u about that) even though he poop is soft he still struggles to make a poop. Any suggestion

Traveling with kids

This will be my first time traveling with kids on an airplane. From Oakland to Atlanta our travel time is 4 hours which is not that bad. But nervous about having a 3year old and a 4 month old. Even though my parents, my sister and niece will be with me just in case I need help but I’m worried that my 4 month old will cry the whole time. I don’t want to get any side eye or rude comments. I have... More


Hey moms, do y’all still give ur toddler baths while having a cold?

Home schooling.

How do you feel about home schooling your little one/ones. Thinking about home schooling my 3 year old.

Cold Medicine

Hey Moms, what kind of cold medicine can I take while breastfeeding?

Breast to bottle

My 2 month old will not take the bottle. I tried dr brown bottles and nuk bottles (nuk some times he’ll take it most of the time he wont). He would cry so much I will get frustrated and give up and give him the breast. What can I do to make him take the bottles

Candace recommended a place Dec 06, 2018


Really like this park. When I go it’s not really busy and it’s In a nice quite neighborhood

Potty training

My son turns 3 tomorrow and we’re still working on the potty training. Been doing the 30 minutes going to the potty thing, but he still won’t tell me that he had to go. Any suggestions?

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