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Free Museum admissions across the country on Sat, September 22.

You can download tickets now for Museum Day- free tickets to many museums across the country on Saturday, Sept. 22. But you need to download and print off the tickets- 2 per email address. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/search/?q=

FOR CHILDREN AND THEIR GROWN-UPS! (Parents, grandparents...)

#ArtSplash is coming! www.philamuseum.org/artsplash Bright Lights, Little City (Philadelphia Museum of Art, June 30-Sept. 3). Art Splash, the museum’s annual kidcentric summer takeover, really takes over the old place this year. A cardboard city — including a toy LEGO Philadelphia Museum of Art — will occupy the Grand Stair Balcony — “prime real estate,” according to family programs manager ♥️... More

Ok, in case you had no contact with the outside world and missed this birth story, I'm posting it here. Anyone else have crazy birth stories?

Anyone else think it was crazy that when you came home from work today (probably exhausted and disheveled), Kate Middleton went into labor, went to the hospital, had her baby, and left the hospital to go home, smiling energetically and looking gorgeous!

Big Spring children's Consignment sale going on right now in Glen Mills, Pa. And Sunday everything left is 1/2 price. Check it out if you are in the area! http://westchester.jbfsale.com/homeView.jsp

Curious if anyone else upset at Toys R Us Closing? I love the big box toy store- just to see all the toys and baby stuff out there when I need something. Where are you going to buy that first inexpensive bike, look at all the portacribs in person or see what different baby spoons look like? I guess Walmart and Target will be replacements but obviously not as much stock. Does everyone buy onlin... More

Diane recommended a place Mar 12, 2018


Pleasant waitstaff, plenty of seating, comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with plenty of choices to satisfy children on the menu.

What a beautiful family. Watch to feel inspired whatever your family looks like. https://www.facebook.com/LoveStoryCNN/videos/XXX-XXXX23155/

My two yr old (2and 4months) granddaughter is ready for a bed. I'm looking for suggestions on where to buy a bed and what to look for. My daughter wants a twin size so she can lay down in the bed with her child when needed. Anyone have comments about an Ikea bed or Pottery Barn or anywhere else? Maybe even a trundle? Any thoughts are appreciated.

Went to lunch today and saw this done. If you turn the high chair upside down, the car seat fits nice and securely on top and baby is at table height.

Diane recommended a place Jul 29, 2016


They had a fun drop in tot center gym in the summer on Friday and are running a play gym during the fall on Wed and Friday morning. Lots of fun with lots of toys including small bounce house.

Diane recommended a place Jul 15, 2016


Worth the 40 min walk it took me to get here. It had a great enclosed playground especially sized for young toddlers with a sandbox loaded with toys. Another playground for older kids too. Both are padded with AstroTurf. All kinds of riding toys on an adjacent large blacktop area including very small bicycles. Also it's near the Presidio library with a small children's section if you n... More

Diane recommended a place Jul 07, 2016


It has a really nice outdoor but covered patio with a fountain that makes it kid friendly. Even at busy lunch time there is plenty of room to bring a large stroller. There is a changing table in an alcove accessible to both men and women's room in the inside restaurant. And the food is great too. Love bringing the baby here and having lunch.

Diane recommended a place Jun 25, 2016


The staff allows you to use the downstairs playroom stocked with toys anytime. The elevator off the side entrance makes going downstairs easy. There are changing tables in both the men's and ladies rooms. And the upstairs children's section is stocked with beautiful books, many look brand new. The staff is amazing and they have special programming events for young children as well as wo... More

Diane recommended a place Jun 25, 2016


If you are looking for special infant or young children's clothing or gifts this place is a good stop. It has tutus and shirts with sparkly sayings as well as other fun shirts with cute sayings geared to both boys and girls. A small but well chosen selection of activity board books, a few toys and gifts for young children too. The staff was friendly and stayed past closing as I entered and ... More

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