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transition to milk

hi! little man is about to turn 1 and i was just wondering how people transitioned from formula (or breastmilk) to regular milk and when? should i just start mixing some milk in with the formula or just do a cold switch? thanks!

Snack for Baby

Hi. Wondering if anyone can recommend any good snack ideas for our 9 month old. He is on purees and just starting to get the hang of picking up food and getting it in his mouth. We've tried the puffs, but looking for something a little more substantial for the afternoon. Thanks!


Hi, my little man (7 mo) is teething bad lately. I have some teethers he loves, but was wondering if anyone has any product recomendations to help with the pain. Not interested in orajel. Thanks!!

Rolling and Sleep Sack

Hi. Our 7 month old is rolling all over the place and has now taken to sleeping on his stomach sometimes. He currently wears a Halo sleep sack (arms out), but we are wondering if we should lose the sleep sack since he is stomach sleeping and rolling. Anyone deal with this before? TIA.

ear infection

our 5 mo has an ear infection. his doctor prescribed meds, but I'm wondering if anyone has any other remedies to help him with the pain so he can sleep. TIA

Starting Solids

We are just starting to introduce some solids to our 5 month old. Any tips on where to start? How many days did you wait between introducing foods? Did you give them a bottle after the solids or at seperate meal time? I'm so excited about starting this journey, but a little lost. TIA

Starting to roll

Hi. Our 3mo is starting to roll so no more arms in swaddle, but he still has a bit of startle reflex. Any suggestions or recommendations for things that might have helped your LO to keep sleeping with their arms out? TIA

Jean posted in Sleep Jul 09, 2018

Losing Sleep

In the past 2 weeks our 3mo son has stopped sleeping at night. Previously he would go 3-4 hours before waking. Once we even got 6 hours. Now he is waking up every 1-2 hours or not sleeping at all unless he is on one of us. He isn't eating much if at all overnight. Anyone else go through is or have any suggestions? We'd like to establish healthy sleep routines for him. TIA.

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