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J posted in Behavior Nov 19

Books about emotions?

My almost 2 yr old is just getting super frustrated and lashing out when he doesn’t get his way or we simply don’t understand him. i want to start teaching him more about emotions and he responds to books well. Any book recommendations that cover this topic?

Advice for how to wean baby off BM?

My LO is turning one (!!!) and he has already started weaning off BM. Any advice or strategies to help complete his breastfeeding phase? looking for which feedings to drop, how to deal with potential soreness, how many days or pace, etc. Emotionally, i have been getting ready for this for several weeks. It sure is hard but he’s showing me the way already and i want this to go as smooth as poss... More

J posted in Flying Nov 21, 2018

Taking baby food internationally?

I’m about to travel internationally with my almost 10 month old and we are taking a lot of prepackaged baby food. is this a good idea? it is a lot of weight! trying to mitigate any potential stomach issues by giving him food he is familiar with. Also taking my own formula since i just don’t know what to expect.

Declining breastmilk

My supply is decreasing and I cannot stop it nor figure out why. Maybe you might have some ideas? Baby 7.5 month old feeds 5 times a day, and i’m breastfeeding him 4 of those times and pumping at work. That afternoon pump is like 1-2 oz each breast instead of 3-4. And at his last feeding at night, i have began supplementing with formula because he was crying after feeding. There is just so lit... More

We survived the first sickness!

Just wanted to share how much I had been dreading the first sickness since baby started daycare — and we just survived fever, congestion, and no sleep summer flu. We all got it and man, was that hard! But we are finally on the mend... phew!

Minimizing Heat Rash?

My 5 month old (who also has suffered from baby eczema) very easily gets heat rashes. Any tips to minimize it happening when out and about?

Working Moms: breastmilk vs formula

I’ve been wondering, does anyone know of references or statistics about working moms using formula vs breastmilk? The lack of lactation accommodations at conferences is irritating and I’m thinking perhaps it is because most working moms use formula? Just wondering really...

First Day Back

Tomorrow Tuesday is my first day back at work. I am feeling already sad about it. Any advice or ways you have come up with to get through these first few days? Thank you.

Recently, more smelly poopy diapers

My 4-month old is purely on breastmilk and his poopy diapers are now starting to smell. Before, they weren’t that bad smelling. Is this a normal/common transition? He recently stopped taking probiotics so maybe that has to do with it?

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