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Ear tubes surgery

My son who is couple days shy of being 11 months, is going into surgery tomorrow morning at 8am to get ear tubes. I know it is a simple procedure but I’m still a mom and my stress/anxiety have been off the charts! More so I’m worried about night feedings. He is not allowed to have anything after 12am. He’s a big boy and food is no joke to him so I pray to God it goes well and he isn’t so hungry... More

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Toddler still wakes up!

So I have 2 kids. My toddler is turning 3 in a couple of days and a 6 months old. Of course the baby wakes up at night due to teething and a bottle but my toddler is the one giving us a hard time. She’s always given us a hard time at night but we finally got an established routine and she was doing well but lately it’s been horrible. She wakes up and comes to our room and my husband ends up goi... More

Baby & toddler sick!

Unfortunately whatever nasty virus that has been going around has hit my household 😩. My 5 months old baby ended up having bronchitis and my 3 year old has a sever cold! Baby has finally gotten over that “worst” part of the sickness but he still has a nasty cough same and his older sister. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for home remedies especially for nasty wet coughs! As a... More

Rolling baby

My son looooves to roll!! He’s 5 months but he’s been doing it for quite sometime now...the difference? It has gotten more and more and “difficult” for my self. For the past 4-5nights he wakes up in his crib crying because he has rolled to his stomach and can’t roll anymore...happens multiple times at night. Didn’t have this issue with his sister, was wondering if anyone else experienced it and... More

Copper IUD questions

To the ladies who’ve had a copper IUD or currently do. I just recently got 1 after my second child. It’s been 2 1/2 almost 3 months since I got it done. Before kids I had a 7 day very heavy painful period. After having my first the throwing up was gone and pain wasn’t as bad and not as heavy. I knew getting an IUD meant I would have heavier, longer, painful periods and I didn’t mind because I f... More

Toddler cups suggestions!

So my 2 and a half year old goes to day care and I have to send a cup with her filled with water. She drinks from regular cups, bottles, anything really but to send to day care it has to be a sippy cup with a closed lid. Any suggestions of what you send or give your kids? The one she has now leaks a lot especially when she’s swinging her lunch box all over the place and water goes everywhere. A... More

Toddler WAS doing well till sibling shows up...

My 2 and a half year old daughter was getting potty trained the last couple of months of my pregnancy. She was doing so well!! I actually wanted to start earlier in the year because she was going at home but we had to wait till she was in the older class...due to the policy at day care. But lately after having her brother all the progress has been thrown out the window and gotten soooo much wor... More

Hair falling!!

So of course as any mom knows pregnancy hair is the best EVER! But my son is going to turn 3 months and my hair started to fall out again :/ I went through it with my daughter but didn’t do much about it. I was just wondering has anyone tried anything that helped with post pregnancy hair falling out. I know it’s going to happen regardless but maybe something that helps make it less...I’m sheddi... More

2 month old baby, milk from nose

My almost 3 months old baby is formula fed and I make sure to burp him well after he takes each bottle. Lately even after I burp him and I hold him up straight for a bit while sleeping, after I put him down sometimes he wakes up crying gasping for air and milk comes out of his nose. The look on his face it’s like he’s drowning. I clean out his nose daily in case it’s blocked and sometimes when ... More

Traveling with kids!!

Hi! I will be traveling with my 2 1/2 year old and 2 months old next week. It will be the first time I take either of them on a plane. I was wondering if anyone has any tips to help out w/the kids on the plane. I’m more concerned about my toddler because well she’s a toddler lol. What can I do for entertainment, it’s a 5 and a half hour flight...not too long but still nervous about it! Anything... More

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