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Kristen posted in Sleep Yesterday

I have a now 3 month old baby girl, what is a normal routine for them?

I’m just curious on how long naps should be and how frequent should they be napping. It seems like after her first nap around 9am (which lasts a good hour, the rest of the day is shorter 20min or so cat naps.

Kristen posted in Babies Jan 10


I know babies gurgle but when is it worry some? It’s seems bubbly and when she is sleeping and breathing in. At 3 months is this still normal?

My daughter will be 3 months in a few days an isn’t a fan of tummy time.

She’ll maybe last a min! Is that pretty normal ? Also, is there a way to increase the time by helping he enjoy it more. She’s just been so clingy recently as well.

Kristen posted in Sleep Dec 04

Help :( My 2 month old won’t stop crying when we put her down?!?

My baby is almost 2 months. She still sleeps on my chest and every time I try to swaddle her, even just for a nap, she cries HYSTERICALLY! I have a 9 yr old and his cry was never this distressed. And she can cry for 30min straight if we allowed it!

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