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Jen posted in Sports Dec 03

Trailer bike recommendation

Goal : family bike rides with 2 parents, 1 yo & 3 yo through flat, paved suburbia Question: what is the best trailer bike for the 3yo? Context: the 3 yo currently uses a balance bike, but can't yet do long distances nor is he tall enough to cross streets & be seen by drivers. We would like him to contribute (pedal) rather than just tag along. We would prefer the option to easily ... More

What are your kids' favorite (pre)school lunches

My oldest is headed to preschool Tuesday and I am scrambling to figure out lunches. What are your kids' favorite packed, no-need-to-heat again, no-nut lunches? For context, we are no added sugar, prefer to avoid processed foods eaters. Even though we've tried sandwiches, my son dissects them and only eats the bread. 🤦🏻‍♀️ In an attempt to be prepared for anything that works, I'v... More

Welcome recommendations for an affordable SUV that can fit 2 car seats

I'm 3 months away from 2 under 2 and we need to buy a second car that will fit 1) car seats (rear-facing infant and convertible that will initially be rear-facing) and 2) accommodate my 6' 3" husband without musical chairs/a car seat shuffle everytime we change who is driving. Short list is currently: 1) Nissan Murano 2) Nissan Pathfinder 3) Acura MDX 4) Honda Pilot Do you own an... More

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