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My name is Alan, and I have the most Beautiful little girl name Eva (;

Alan posted in Cute Feb 23

Best friends in the making

I guess they like the breeze. Lol

Dealing with something.

So my baby momma and I are split up. Every Friday we switch off, with our 2yr old. I still love her but idk about her. But that’s not the issue. She doesn’t really text me back at all but I’ll be send her little text messages like, “our baby is good. She just ate.” Or “she’s finally asleep, goodnight” nothing really like a relationships text. Is it a good idea to do this ? Or should I just stop... More

Fun places for toddlers

Any cool spots I can take my little one? She’s 2.

Braiding hair.

Anybody know any good videos on how to braid hair. I have a 2 yr old girl. She has hair but not super long. But just enough to start. And I’ve looked but never nothing that works.

I love my family

I love my wife of almost 7yrs, who’s also my baby momma of a Beautiful healthy 2yr old. But she told me she needs time apart for a while. It’s been two months, something like that apart. And I still can’t forget her. I feel like she doesn’t loves me anymore. But Idk. She says she does but i don’t see it in her eyes. So... Any Ideas ?

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