Los Angeles, CA

Explaining Santa (real or not) to the kids.

I grew up with Santa but have chosen not to do Santa with my daughter. I still understand the need to explain Santa. A coworker of mine said that her sister was trying to explain to her kids who are just now discovering that Santa is not real. Now they feel like their parents have lied to them for years. I came across a cartoon that explains Santa and all the different gift givers from all over... More

Possible growing pains

So my daughter is 2 and over the past week at random times will point to her knee and say boo boo. She actually does have a little scar from a fall she took a few months ago. She points to it and whimpers like her leg is hurting. Then a few nights ago she woke up in the middle of the night crying in pain grabbing her other foot. She stopped crying when I rubbed her foot & finally went to sl... More

Possible bug

So today we’ve noticed our 2 yr old daughter hasn’t been eating much today. She keeps coming to the fridge looking for food but doesn’t want any of it or will eat very little. She also been tired all day & wants to cuddle (which she only does when she’s really sick). No other symptoms. She doesn’t attend daycare or school, goes to the park once a day for 2-3 hrs. My question is: are there ... More

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