Austin, TX

Best Spill-Proof Sippie Cups?

Wanting to transition my son to sippie cups, but can’t find one that is labeled spill proof but ends up spilling or leaking. Any recommendations of ones you’ve tried and liked?

Vacation Ideas In The States

My boyfriend & I are looking into taking our vacation soon, but undecided on where to go. We’ve been to Florida, California & Vegas. We would like to go somewhere new, but would also like idea’s on where to go and what to do when we’re out there. (Looking into taking this trip early November.)

Switching to Whole Milk

At what age did you switch your little one to whole milk from formula? Did you start little by little before they turned one?

Little boy haircut

Any moms get their little boys haircut before 1yr? My son sweats easily and a lot, he’s 8 months and we’re leaving to Florida soon, so we know him sweating will only be worse than this Texas heat. I’ve heard people say you can’t give a haircut before 1yr because it messes with the hair follicles and other stories. I just want to be 100% sure!

Documentation For Going on Airplane

I have an infant and 8yr old going on a plane with me in a couple weeks, do y’all know if there’s any documentation we would need for them?

Family Trip Tips

My family is taking our Disney trip soon and this will be my first time flying with my 7 month old. Any tips you can give me for the plane ride? Also, any tips for our stay at Disney World or the parks?

Alcohol Test Strips

Breastfeeding momma’s: What test strips would you recommend one use to detect alcohol in their breast milk?!

When did you LO start grasping/holding onto toys?

My son will be 4mo next week and still does not seem entertained with toys as far as wanting to reach or hold onto them. I put them in his hands but after a couple seconds he’ll let go. Is this normal? When did you baby start holding onto or seem interested in toys?

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