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Activities for 14 month old

Hello everyone What do you do to keep a 14 month old busy? My son 14 month old. And we can not do much outdoor activities due to weather. So looking for suggestions... Activities that make him learn something Or something just to play with.. He is already walking and running all over the place now.. Give me your ideas/ suggestions/experiences... Thanks in advance..

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Milk on flight??

Hello Need advice suggestions on how and what should I do? I am traveling international next week with my one year old. He drinks milk no formula. The flight is approximately 24 hours. How should I take milk? All bottles? Won't milk get bad by that time? Please share your experience/suggestions. Thanks

Discipline for one year old..

Hello everyone How do you disciple a one year old? Too soon?? I try to talk calmly and explain things like it will hurt or say no to few things. But my son seems to be ignoring it all and will do whatever he wants to. I don't want to go down the screaming/yelling path but my husband/in laws don't agree and will do whenever needed. Any suggestions/tips pls.. Thanks in advance.

Cheese for one year old.??

I want to start cheese for my one year old. What are the options? What do you suggest? Anything specific? Any kind or brand? How do you feed cheese? I mean with anything or just cheese stick alone? Is it ok? Let me know your experience/suggestions. Thanks on advance.

Need suggestions..

My son turned 1 last week. Looks like he is starting to understand things. Lately he cries whenever I leave for my work. He wants to go with me. Babysitter had to redirect him to let me go. I don't want to leave him like that. I want to give him a proper good bye and leave in front of him rather than hiding and leaving. Is it wrong? I just want him to understand that mom needs to go. Wha... More

Looking for suggestions on toothpaste for baby

Hello Until now I was just using finger brush and cleaned my baby boy's teeth with water. My kid is one year old. My ped advised to use tooth paste. I am looking for suggestions for the toothpaste that is fluoride free and less chemicals as possible. TIA...!!

Need suggestions for Straw Sippy cups

Hello.. I am looking for some suggestions for a straw sippy cups which are spill proof? I have this one but it's not spill proof. My one year old likes to bang it on the high chair and throw it on the floor. So looking for something that can survive all of that but still would give him a chance to drink.. 😀

Need help choosing a car seat..

Hello everyone.. My son will turn one in October. I am looking for a next car seat. I looked a few but not sure which ones are great and why.. What do you have? Which brand? What are the pros and cons. What do you think about this one? Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit All-in-One Car Seat.. Let me know your experience and views.

Whole milk for 1 year old..

My son will be one in October. Ped says to start whole milk after that. Any tips on how and when should I wean him from formula? How should I introduce whole milk? How much and at what time I should give him milk? This days he takes a formula bottle atleast 5 times a day. Thanks in advance.!!

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