Seattle, WA
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Good food, awesomely kid friendly. They have bags (corn hole), several high chairs, koala care and the kid seat in both restrooms.

Touch a Truck is back! I'm a member of the Junior League and this is such a great event for kids! And it's free! And there is parking (with a walk from the lot and a trolley that is slow). And there is food! https://www.facebook.com/events/XXX-XXXX397446??ti=ia

What would you do if you had 36 hours without your kids, in your own house??? That miracle just happened to me. I took a yoga class, ate lunch at a place that doesn't serve kids, got a mani/pedi, packed up old toys for goodwill (they will never know, right?)... went on two date nights, went on a 2 hr bike ride and had brunch at a no-kid spot... it was surreal... if it happens again... what ... More

https://www.thechildrensbookreview.com Just found out that this existed and it's great! I love finding out about different books and stocking out in-home library (or some may call it every shelf in the house).

I saw some other people talking about train obsession. This was a huge hit for us last year. It's fun and the look on the kids faces is priceless! https://www.trainmuseum.org/thomas/Main.html

http://www.dove.com/us/en/baby.html Thanks to StrollerTraffic for the tip! Dove's first baby line. I'm not sure what took them so long. This will fall right under the category of the totally generic baby products we use here :) Anyone obsessed with their specific baby shampoo or lotion?

I agree with most of this.. aside from needed a bassinet. They grow out of those so quickly, just using a crib or pack n play seems like a more economical way... thoughts? http://purewow.com/home/essential-newborn-items?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=organic&utm_content=main&utm_term=evergreen

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OmCulture has an awesome play time with a drum circle and sing a long for kids, mostly ages 1-4 (IMO). It is every day from 930-12, but closes for the summer. Trampolines, balance beams, changing tables, hula hoops... a lovely space for fun! You can also rent out the space for birthday parties for a few. OmTots costs $7.

Anyone else have a hard time meal planning for the family? What are your go-to family dinners? I went out of my comfort zone and roasted a whole chicken last night! Easier than I imagined!

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If you are looking for a wonderful preschool for your 2.5yrs-Pre-k, then consider one of the amazing Nurturing Knowledge locations! We have been a part of the family for two years, one at the Woodland Park location and one at the Maple Leaf South location. Both schools are nurturing (yes, I went there), fun and a safe wonderful environment for your child to grow and learn. Feel free to ask me a... More

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