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Rocking no pants, tube socks and high tops at the park today.

How do parents of two handle it when babies are on different nap schedules? I nanny part time and am having a hard time keeping my toddler quiet while the baby naps. We resort to screen time and crackers... I can't be the only one, right?

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Great cafe with sightglass coffee and highchairs! The staff is so friendly and we all loved the pastries! Nutella donuts!

Gathering up little clothes and shoes and deciding what to keep and what to drop off for consignment and 😭😭😭. We don't really have space to keep clothes for the next kid but. BUT. I also want to keep everything.

Taking our baby to his first swim lesson Saturday- and tips from more seasoned parents?

Best part of socal: car naps and drive throughs. ☕️🍩🍔🍟

We're visiting the town where my husband grew up. We have had so much fun catching up with old friends, visiting Disney and hanging out at the beach. We stayed at a great air bnb with a pack n play and a giant wagon with beach toys and towels. The owner even put covers over the electrical outlets! We love staying at air bnbs and consider it our number one parenting travel "hack." ... More

Trying to put my toddler down for a nap in a strange pack n play in a room without shades. His reaction: 😂🚫🗣🙅🙅‍♂️🙅🙅‍♂️🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

We had a great time at Disneyland yesterday but I COULD NOT believe how crazy the lines were. There was literally no place for him to get down and play without being mowed over! We didn't end up seeing any characters at all (45 min plus wait times!)- for someone who didn't know anything about Disney, this is CRAZY to me! They ran out of viewing areas for the parade so we ended up leavin... More

Hi from the happiest place on earth!

Just going to have to face it that trawling light with a toddler doesn't really mean what I think it means.

Hired a babysitter so I could tidy the house and go for a run this afternoon. I don't even recognize myself some days! 😂

These multiple hour overnight wake ups are THE WORST. 😐

A 4:45 wake up and a peanut butter hairdo calls for more Philz. We met our friends here and then walked across the street to a sweet little park (Noe Valley Court). Now heading home for nap! What are you guys up to on this beautiful day?

Does anyone know if right start is closing? There was lots of empty shelves and discounts when I was there yesterday!

Good morning from the happiest place on earth, SAN FRANCISCO TARGET!

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My new favorite coffee shop. The baristas are super sweet with the kids and there's indoor and outdoor seating. The line on the weekends is intense but weekdays isn't too bad. Parking is a breeze! Try the Snowy Plover. My little (and me!) love the chocolate chip cookies. The inside is tiny- our umbrella stroller barely fits.

When did you give your toddler a pillow for their crib?

Does anyone else run with a stroller in GGP? Looking for recommendations for new running routes!

KBD recommended a place Feb 27, 2017


We love this bakery! Super kid-friendly but tiny. (Our bob stroller barely fits inside.) SO busy on weekends but the line moves pretty quickly. Unless you're ordering a breakfast sandwich- we've waited for 45 minutes before. 😬 also, Sundays they have beignets! we mostly come on weekdays. There's lots of kid friendly/early eater treats- pastries, scrambled eggs, plain toast. Ask for ... More

KBD recommended a place Feb 27, 2017


Love grabbing a cup of coffee here- always so many parents and e loves the play area! Across the street from a playground and great people watching. I'm all about the mint mojito ice coffee and baby likes to split a cookie with me.

Getting ready for our inaugural tip to Disneyland next weekend. Feel like I've read every article there is. For anyone who has taken their toddler, how did they do with the characters? Our kid had a very traumatic Santa experience.

KBD recommended a place Feb 26, 2017


We LOVE story time at Charlie's Corner in Noe Valley. First come first serve- they cap it at 20 families. They offer it at 12, 3 and 5 most days. There's music, books and it's free! I like to stop at Philz and browse shops on the way.

Good morning from HEAVEN

When did your kid stop eating play dough? Asking for a friend. 😬

What's for lunch today? We had grilled cheese sandwiches, blueberries, carrots and hummus and some instant pot retried beans. Now that baby's "asleep" (aka in crib) I'm going to have some chocolate!

KBD recommended a place Feb 24, 2017


Super kid friendly (and can bring your dog!) $5 kids meal. It's not on the menu but they can make chocolate milk. We love it here! Super stroller friendly and the baristas are so nice. Also, wine. Also, beer. Also, pizza. Great to warm up after playing across the street!

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At our favorite playground. THANK goodness for sunshine! Love to stop by Day One Baby to change diapers and B Patisserie for a ham and cheese croissant!

Obsessed with Essie gel couture. This is day 7 of my DIY manicure on my dominant hand...!

Toddler went almost a full day without nursing. This is the beginning of the end, right? 😭

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We love taking our little guy here. The pancakes are giant and the service is pretty quick! Room for a collapsed stroller alongside the bar if it's not too busy! High chairs but no changing table.

Finally found Water Wow (at Colma target.) Baby doesn't care but wow am I obsessed! So soothing!

Rainy day craft time. Thankfully washable paints make this a cinch to clean up!

Nothing says hello Monday like the four am wake up call. (After the two am wake up call.) Is it bedtime yet?

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the mill is great for kids and strollers... more so during the week than on weekends. We like to sit at the front (space for a stroller and the bench is easier for kids to sit on.)- for $4 you can get a slice of toast with butter. I'm running a knitting group for parents next Saturday at the Mill at 1pm!

Today in the cast of rotating movies: an empty container of nutpods and an empty Tylenol syringe.

I LOVE having a babysitting exchange. A friend of mine switch back and forth so we each get one free date night per month! Last night my husband and I went and saw Hidden Figures and it was so good! It saves a lot of money and lets me see my old nanny charge. Does anyone else do a babysitting exchange?

Putting baby to work on Saturday morning! We had family photos this morning and I'm so excited to see how they turn out!

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