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Anays posted in Education Aug 28

4th grade math help

Any apps that can help 4th graders better their math skills?

Anays posted in Education Aug 23

4th grade math help!!

My son has recently started 4th grade and is getting daily hw. Math, writing, reading, and spelling. I am noticing he is struggling with math. Not sure if its cus he has not been practicing over summer or if he really is struggling. Any tips on how to help him. Tutor? Abc mouse? Math sheets?

Relocating, where to start

Hi my husband and I have been thinking of moving out of our town. We currently live with my in laws and its to the point where we need to move sooner rather than later. Am looking for a family friendly place where we can afford a house, take stroll in the afternoons with our dog. A place that has alot of recreational opportunities. I don’t know how to even start looking into this. We have ... More

I just received a call from my son’s teacher. He has not been turning his homework in for a few weeks. He is 7 yrs old and knows lying is bad. I ask if he did his homework once I get home from work and he tells me he doesn’t have any. And now the teacher tell me every Monday he has to bring a packet with a weeks worth of homework and needs to turn 1 pg per day. Is it my job to remind him every... More

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