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What milk do you give a 1 year-old?

My baby will soon be 1, and she is eating fine. She is even drinking less formula (Similac pro advance) . But I'm not sure which milk or formula to give her once she is 1.

Gift ideas for a soon to be 12month old girl who loves dancing and music?

Looking for educational toys but i feel so overwhelmed by all the options out there. My little girl loves dancing and music. Also pretend playing, like talking on the phone and using keys. I was going to buy a trio of a phone car keys and remote control, but they went out of stock. Any other ideas?

How to get my 11 month old to sleep through the night?

I recently sleep trained my baby. While training, most of the nights she slept through until 5am. But now that she doesn't cry anymore, she been waiking up at 3am hungry or wanting to go to my bed. I'm not sure if i should let her cry it out or what. Her bed time is at 9. And that's when she gets her bottle. And at 12am i try to feed her a bottle while asleep but she refuses to drin... More

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