Parma, OH
Katie recommended a place Jul 08, 2018


We visited this brewery over the weekend with another couple who also have a small child, and all of us (including the kids) had a great time. The beers were good, the staff friendly, and the play area was a nice touch. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that they even have a stool for children to reach the sink in the bathroom. They don't serve food (yet) but you can get it delive... More

Hiking Toddler Carrier Suggestions Needed

Hi all! I'd love to hear what your favorite toddler hiking backpack carriers are (or, if there is anything you really hate about yours). I've been using the Summer All Seasons carrier and as I'm starting to hike more, I'd love to get something that I can get off and on by myself, and that has storage for taking diapers and snacks. Thanks in advance!

Katie recommended a place Apr 28, 2018


I was really pleasantly surprised when I visited with my 18 mo and Mother. The food was reasonably priced with big portions, they had a decent kids menu, and it all tasted really good. They bring you out chips after you order at the counter, and you go to the salsa bar to pick out your own dip while you wait for your food to be done. The staff were extremely helpful. I was really impressed wit... More

Hey Parents! My son is quickly closing in on his first birthday, and that means I get to buy him a bunch of books. What are your favorites and why? I'm looking for suggestions for books that are good for both now and in the next year or so. Thanks!

Katie recommended a place Jul 05, 2017


We really enjoyed our visit to Huey's. It was jam packed, and we ended up waiting half an hour + for a table, but we were able to walk around while we were waiting because they will text you to let you know your table is ready. The food was excellent - I had crab cakes with red beans and rice. The crab cakes were mainly crab and worth every cent. The red beans and rice were also good, as we... More

Katie recommended a place Jun 26, 2017


They have a great family lounge - there are three changing "slots" built into the counter in between sinks. This is way more secure than the flip down changing tables, plus you can wash your hands before you pick your kid back up, while your child is still in the "slot" but you are right there. They have microwaves for milk warming, and two little rooms with curtains with ni... More

What do you guys do about swimwear when you are nursing? If you use non-nursing suits, is there anything specific that makes it easier?

Well, I've officially hit parenting exhaustion rock bottom. I literally fell asleep at a red light today on my way from work to pick my son up from daycare. Car behind me honked to wake me up. Thank goodness I didn't take my foot off the break peddle. On the plus side, I think my husband is finally starting to "get" exactly how much I've shielded him from sleep deprivatio... More

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