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Pampers Cruisers vs Cruisers 360°... What's your opinion?

Greetings All! My almost 1-year old loooooves to try and escape the changing table, despite being belted in. I came across the Cruisers 360° while perusing their site and it seems to be the answer to his wiggly ways. They supposedly slip on like underwear, with no tabs to fight with, and then easily tear away when needed to be changed. It kinda sounds too good to be true, so i figured I would ... More

Huggies Diaper Comparison

Alright Mothers: I'm standing in BJ's staring at Huggies and trying to compare the two varieties they offer for my 4 month old's heinie. $39.99 for a box of either 240 of "Snug & Dry" or 186 of "Little Snugglers." S&D seems to be bragging about 12 hr protection while LS is for sensitive skin. Is that correct? Am I missing anything?

Fara recommended a place Sep 13, 2018


Amazing food and changing table in the women's restroom!

Fara recommended a place Aug 24, 2018


I love this place for many reasons to include my food sensitivities that they alway accommodate, but now that I'm a mom I appreciate it even more! It has baby seat slings, high chairs, and a changing table in the handicap stall. I highly recommend it to all.

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