Brooklyn, NY
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Anxious parents traveling by plane

We are very anxious parents (at least the mom is) traveling to another state by plane with an 18 month old child. Mom is curious about logistics and germs. We need to travel with a stroller (city mini) and a car seat but my wife adamant about boxing the car seat and stroller so neither will be damaged or contaminated in the cargo hold. How does everyone else do this? Will we need to purchase a ... More

Eating out with little ones

I have a six month old daughter. She’s not quite chair ready yet. Her neck and body tends to flop over if she’s not constantly supported. My wife and I would love to eat out again but I can’t think of any way that doesn’t involve a car seat or carriage and depending on the place, that might be an issue. We are in Brooklyn, Kensington. What do other parents do?

Anyone familiar with Nanny share in general or specifically in the Brooklyn, NY 11218 area? Both parents of a 4 month old are returning to work and we are seeking options for day care. Mom works from home.

Is anyone using the Dr Brown bottles? We have a strange science experiment going on that we can’t quite explain. We prefix the bottle with formula to save a bit of time and scrambling at feeding time. All we need to do is warm the formula which we do by immersing the bottle in warmed water. The first few times we used the solid cap because the smaller height fit our egg drawer in the refrigerat... More

I bought the item below for my premmie daughter. After a week she would spit up after every feeding. We tried to position her upright after each meal but that led to her wanting to be held all the time. The Babocush seemed like a good idea since according to the photo and the videos, not only could she be positioned upright, the rocker would gently rock her mechanical bull style (except much s... More

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