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mom of two, nurse and hopeful health nut!

My younger son wants us to hold him a lot. I do pick him up when I can, but when I'm cooking or have my hands full he's kind of out of luck 😬 my question is, have any of you had a baby that wants to be held a lot and then end up spoiled as a toddler? This probably sounds like a dumb question, but he's the baby and of course I want to hold him as much as I can, but I also don't ... More

What is the average per hour/ per child rate for a baby sitter? I homeschool my oldest (8) and don't want to put my baby in daycare so I want to start looking for someone. I just don't know the going rate, especially if they have CPR experience.

Anyone have a child with ADHD or ADD? My husband absolutely refuses to put our son (8) on medication so I'm looking into natural supplements, specifically omega 3 with dha/epa. I've read some hot things about it, anyone have it work or have you used any other natural supplement that helps manage the ADHD better?

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