Biloxi, MS
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Miscarriage pcos bleeding

I miscarried a few months back. I have pcos. I got my first period after last month it was pretty average. I was surprised to get one since I have pcos I had to take medicine to make me ovulate to get pregnant to begin with. I went a year without getting my period before I took the clomid. Well a month passed and now I got my period again. I ovulated and all. I was super excited but here I am n... More

3 year old birthday

My daughter is doing an alpaca party. Her party is December 2nd it’s going to be at park and it’s gonna be cold. 🥶 I want to do hot coco in a crock pot and pizza. Does anyone have good winter party ideas?

What exactly is a trunk or treat?

There’s a trunk or treat and I really want to go. But I also have no idea what it is!

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