St. Augustine, FL


Next month we’ll be traveling to Colorado with my boys. One is 2 years and the other is 10 months. I’m so lost on what to do about car seats. Should we bring them with us? We have two graco 4 ever so they’re heavy and bulky. But I’ve also heard renting car seats from a rental car agency is a bad idea. Also, has anyone experienced altitude sickness? We live at the beach in Florida so we’re at se... More

Toy ideas

I have a 16 month old boy, he isn’t interested in the “traditional” toys, he loves things that he has to work for. Such as pushing blocks through the correct shape, anything with locks or buttons. All the toys I see just make a lot of noise lol I want something to stimulate his mind. Any ideas?! Thanks!

Getting rid of bottle 😫

At what age did your baby stop using a bottle? Mine is 11 months and is extremely attached to his bottle. We have him down to 3 bottles a day, the morning and bedtime bottle are the ones he screams for until he gets. He eats all solid food throughout the day and drinks water with his meals. He has one bottle in the afternoon before nap. He has never taken a paci so the bottle is his only source... More

At what age does a baby realistically need to start wearing shoes? My almost 10 month old is standing and cruising around furniture, trying to take steps on his own. I went to look at shoes for him today and they’re about the same price as an adults 😳 I want to buy a good pair such as stride rite with good support. I just don’t know if he really needs them

Anything I can do for my allergies? I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I’m really against taking any meds during pregnancy. I’ve tried nasal saline and warm showers but I swear I sneeze 50 times a day, it’s driving me nuts!! Thanks!

My husband recently got a very good job offer that is impossible to pass up..we have a 7 month old and I’m 3 months pregnant. Currently, both sets of our parents live with in 15 minutes so we get a lot of help, this new job is out of state. I also work full time as a nurse..with his new job I would not have to work and get to stay home with my babes, which I’m thrilled about. My question is, ho... More

I am 8 weeks pregnant and since I found out, I’ve been sick 3 times. Just a typical cough, fever, fatigue and muscle soreness. I got tested for the flu and it isn’t that. This is my second pregnancy, during my first I didn’t get sick at all so I’m not used to this. I’ve taken Tylenol to bring the fever down each time but I’m worried about the sickness affecting baby. Does anyone have any experi... More

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