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My heart beats for two. I will survive for me and for you.

Meg posted in Sleep Dec 01, 2018

Toddler bed help

Hey there! How’s everyone doing? I have decided it’s about that time to get my 2 year old out of playpen and into anew bed. I’ve been leaning towards a twin bed with a trundle for extra storage for clothes or toys. Im not seeing any other options. I really don’t know what I should be looking for in a new bed for her. What do y’all like and why? I’m wanting a white wood frame so I can pain... More

From being potty trained right back to baby status. Send help.

When I lost my job late July I was determined to use that time to potty train my daughter at (then)21 months by just letting her run around naked. She would stop in the middle of whatever she was doing and run to her potty. She dumped it out in toilet and put it back together without making a mess. And when we weren’t home, she would even tell me she had to potty. Everyday all day she would us... More

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