Columbus, OH
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A long shot, I'm sure...

Are there any families that live in Ohio? Or better yet, central Ohio? As my kiddo gets older I'm becoming more aware of how few lgbtq families we spend time with. I would love to find another family we vibe with!

Encouraging solo play

Has anyone had an success with encouraging solo play in your toddler(s)? My 15 m/o is very loving, cuddly, comforted my closeness and reassurance, which is adorable most of the time, but challenging as I work from home and sometimes need two hands for things. What have you liked for helping your little ones entertain themselves?

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Super fun park, sure to tire out your kids. Free wifi, courtesy of the library!

Halloween with a baby

Our LO will just be knocking on 8 months old around Halloween and we really want to (have a reason to) dress up! Where do folks take their costumed not-quite-toddlers? I appreciate any suggestions!

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