East Wenatchee, WA

Sleeping a lot!

I’m getting really nervous and I don’t know if I should be. My daughter just turned three months on Thanksgiving, and for the past couple of days or so she has been sleeping nonstop. She wakes up from a good two hour nap, eats, and then starts to cry like she’s tired again. I have not talked with her doctor yet but myself and my family believe that she is teething really early. Could this have ... More

Heading back to work.

So my baby girl was born August 22, and my work is already asking me to come back in on October 10th. I feel as though this is too soon. She isn’t even two months old yet. When did everyone else go back to work and if you did go back this early where did you find daycare that would take an infant?? I’m just scared that she is just too little. Should I talk to my work and see if there is somethi... More

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