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10.5 month old sleep problems - learning to walk or teething

My son has been teething for a while now and we finally got him sleep trained again recently. Since the past 2 days he is again fighting all naps and just will not sleep at night for more than 4 hours. He wont go back to sleep and just cries till we get him out and then he will play - happy as ever. It no longer seems like a sleep training issue to me. He still has teething pain on and off and ... More

Teething and Sleep Training

My 9.5 mo has been teething for nearly 3 weeks now. I see a lot of tooth buds (6 that I can spot) and he is so uncomfortable and hasn't been eating (drinks formula but not without a fight). He has been sleep trained for a while now and usually all I need to do is tell him a story and put him down awake and he is out in 2-15 mins. We have had rough nights and nap fights lately because of tee... More

9 month old feeding schedule

I'm a FTM and my baby has suddenly stopped showing interest in solids. He will just not open his mouth or sometimes have a few spoons and that's it. I've tried a wide variety of things and he has started refusing things he used to love before too. It may be because he is teething but it would be helpful to know how much milk (he is formula fed) and food they generally have at this a... More

Hello! I breastfed my baby boy directly for 1 month and then have been giving expressed milk in Dr. Brown bottles. He's now 3 months old and for the past 3 weeks or so, he absolutely refuses to feed while awake. I have to wait for him to be drowsy or sleeping and then he drinks just fine. It's quite challenging and stressful because I'm constantly on the alert so I don't miss t... More

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