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Ali posted in Behavior Dec 21

Boy mom

I have a 5 y/o and almost 3 y/o boy. Going anywhere with them feels impossible right now. They are so wild and I am usually on my own with them. It is embarrassing, frustrating, and exhausting! We live in a small town so the behavior is on display anytime we go out. Do boys start to grow out of it at some point? It feels like my boys are super extra and most people have one boy or two... More

Ali posted in Pets Aug 01, 2019

Dog problems

We got a dog about a year and a half ago. We did our research beforehand but after 10 months with the dog we decided it was a poor fit (chewed up everything, played too rough with our young kids, was supposed to be a hunting dog but had no hunting instincts, not fully housebroken) and the breeder refunded our $. We waited about 6 months and put a deposit on a puppy. In the meantime we had th... More

Play date etiquette

I have a 2 y/o and almost 5 y/o. Both are boys... we have not had a lot of playdates over the years and I feel like I have no clue what proper etiquette is.... we were invited over by a family with young kids. My kids were having fun and being active (chasing other kids in house) and loud (happily yelling in their play)... This kind of play doesn’t bother us unless it starts to veer out of... More

Easter traditions

What are your fun Easter traditions? My kids will be the only kids at our family get together this year (other than my 13 y/o nephew). I want to make this a fun one for my littles!

Activity for introverted 5 y/o

I would really like to get my son involved in an activity. He does not like group sports due to the sensory overload. It is not a good fit for him right now. I think he would do well in music lessons or karate where it is a more individual experience... my main goal is to build his confidence. Anyone else have any activities their introverted child has done well in? Is 5 old enough ... More

My son asks the same question before bedtime

Every night before bed my son says, “I’m hungry.” Even when I am 100% sure he isn’t. This question is literally part of our bedtime routine! Tonight he probably said this 5 times. Each time he has a specific response he expects. Does anyone else’s 4 (almost 5 y/o) do this? I am starting to get a little concerned 😆

Helping child be assertive

My son is almost 5 and not very assertive with other kids. It is like he is intimidated or doesn’t know how to get kids to play with him unless he does what they say. He is reserved and it takes time for him to make new friends. His pre-k teacher has mentioned several times that his friend bosses him around a lot. Any ideas on how to talk to him about this or help him gain some confiden... More

Occupational therapy

My son is 4.5 and his 2y/o brother can run faster than him. There is no flow to his stride when he runs..? We are wondering if occupational therapy would help. Anyone out there with a child in OT? Does this sound like something OT could focus on? How does one go about getting an OT referral?

Holidays got me down

My husband always works on the holidays as does his sister and her husband. His family lives about an hour and a half away from us. We always try to see his side of the family for Christmas. My in-laws won’t plan something if his sister can’t be there, but his sister has the attitude of "if I work, I work, if I don’t I don’t." Do other people have this issue? To make matters w... More

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