Laurel, MD

Retired Air Force, mommy to a daughter, 2 furbabies and a wife to a firefighter.

Life insurance on your LO?

Exactly like adult insurance; something happens to your LO then the insurance company pays out. Should you have it, is it weird to have it or should you not have it? Basically one parent thinks it’s a good idea and the other is totally against it.

Child care

I am a first time mom. I retired from the military and trying to go back to work. My LO is 6 months old. My husband is a firefighter. We are looking at possible part time childcare but not opposed to full time care. What are some things that we should be looking out for when researching child care options? What are some things that I can do to make it a smoother transition for my LO? W... More

Paula recommended a place Jul 28, 2018


Received a 1 time a week class for 6 weeks Mommy and Me gift certificate. I loved the experience and my LO had a good time. Recommend taking a towel/robe into the swim area for LO. As soon as you come out of the swim area it is a drastic temperature change. Talk to your PED about things you can safely use on LO eyes because the chlorine really messed with my LO eyes but a simple saline flus... More

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