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Any one worry about kid being too advanced...

It's a double edged sword I want to teach my kid everything I know and more, but he is already adept at pre k curriculum at 28 months. I'm worried that he wont be engaged and challenged when he actually goes to kindergarten. What else can I teach him right now? To be competitive and well rounded in current times but that will supplement a standard education.

Vic posted in Child Care May 10

Preparing for Daycare

My 28 month old will be going to daycare after being home with me for all his life. I think he will do well but was wondering if anyone had tips for helping him adjust. Also if you have advice for what to look for in a good daycare/early learning center please let me know

Vic posted in Technology Mar 19

Electronics, Yay or Nay?

I really dont like the way my son is mesmerized by TV and Kindle. I'm thinking about selling my kindle and switching back to physical books just because I dont want that as an option anymore. But I'm conflicted....the games are educational and have gotten him to sit still in waiting rooms and in long lines. I would like him to be exposed to the technologies of his generation but I mysel... More

Vic posted in Family Life Mar 04

How much time is reasonable

I dont like my mother in law. She has been slyly rude from the very beginning. Now that we have moved over 100 miles away from her her once a month weekend visits with my son has come to an end. Instead I'm thinking she can come up for one day one night a month. To visit with my son while my boyfriend and I have a date night. I really want to do once every 2 months since she is a pain to be... More

My 2yo doesnt like to feed himself

Breakfast is the only meal I can get him to sit down and eat... And even then he might not want to feed himself. I think when he was learning to eat solids I had such an aversion to messes that I thought it better to feed him myself. He has the coordination to do it just not the desire. How can I encourage him to feed himself and actually sit down to eat (hes a travel eater) at this later... More

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