Fairfax, VA

Nanny of 10 years or so, after working about 10 years of daycare. I specialize in twins and the 0-3 set.

Nanny available!

My current job is ending this week as the girls get older (their parents want them to learn a new language, thus hired an au pair), so I’m seeking a new family! I do hope this is appropriate here. I’ve been nannying for the past 10 years or so, and worked in daycare for about 10 years before that. I adore babies, have twin experience, and tend to focus on 0-3s. I’m hoping for 25-40 hours a week... More

Karen recommended a place Aug 01, 2018


Took my nanny girls and was impressed. A lot depends on the teacher, but we had one good one and one great one. They definitely make music fun!

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