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My baby 12months old sounds like she is in pain. She would be okey one second and cry like crazy the next even in sleep. Went to the doctor they didn’t find any abnormalities — no fever. Did it happened to anyone? What should I do? Thank you

Lyalya posted in Behavior Feb 18

Baby is biting 😭

Hello ladies my one year old keeps on biting my boobies (she has 4 teeth in the front) I tried putting her on the floor right after & telling her she can’t do that but she continues to bite. Any tips?

Did you breastfeed beyond 1st birthday?

Hi, I know a lot of moms stop BF after first birthday. But me and my baby are not ready to give that up. Was wondering if there are moms out there who continue to BF beyond 1st bday. Was/is your baby eating a lot of solid food? Because my is not a big eater she still mostly relies on boobie.

Breastfeeding & school / separation anxiety

Any breastfeeding moms in school or have a demanding job? Would like to know how they transitioned from being away from their baby. I stayed home for 6 months and now starting medical school, my separation anxiety is getting real.... Any tips on how to deal with separation anxiety, time management tip? I just feel so guilty leaving her, in my mind all I could think about is that she is my child... More

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