Lake Stevens, WA
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Play date!

Hello I am new to the area and looking for some new friends for myself and my two boys! They are 18 months and 3 years old and have a lot of energy and keep me on my toes. We do a weekly soccer class but other than that we stay home or go to our neighborhood park and I feel they need more interaction with other kids!

Peanut butter

I have not introduced peanut butter to my 14 month old because he’s allergic to eggs and dairy and has really bad dry skin/eczema and I’ve been so worried about trying it. I on the other hand feel horrible because his pediatrician keeps telling me at every appointment to do it. Has anyone else introduced it late and no allergy or am I setting him up for a peanut allergy? Side note, he is breast... More

Ariana posted in Behavior Jan 30

Angry toddler acting out 24/7

My 2 1/2 years old has turned from the sweetest boy in the world to the worst child on the planet 😢. He has been so defiant and refuses to listen and be nice. He kicks, spits, bites, and screams at me. He also hits and pushes his 1 year old brother all the time, whose had more fat lips then I can count from it all. I’m having some difficult family issues and my hubby travels and works a lot so ... More

Transition to toddler bed help!

Edited to add that we had to switch him because he was climbing out 🙄 We just switched my two year old’s crib to the toddler bed and his sleeping is awful now. He used to sleep through the night, we would hold his hand until he fell asleep and then leave the room. My husband is dealing with it because I have a 7 month old that doesn’t like to sleep either and let’s just say hes not doing so w... More

Toddler hitting

My son is almost 2 (bday is in June), and he’s started to follow me around the house screaming, crying, and hitting me (along with trying to hit his baby brother and anything in his way) when he doesn’t get his way. He’s following me around because I normally just ignore naughty behavior, but now I feel like that’s not working. I’ve tried setting him down on his chair or on the carpet, and he w... More

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