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Stay at home, work from home Mama!!!

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Mommies in Marin. I am looking to connect and organize play dates for my 16 months old. I feel so busy that I have dropped the ball to plan things for my daughter with kids her age. She is usually hanging out with mama and papa and that cannot be fun for her. Any ideas to things to do that doesn’t require to spend money and that are fun to do with a toddler besides BADM? Thank ya!

Just out if curiosity, how much do you pay for daycare and how many days? I could be buying a home with my monthly fee!!!

I am looking to make a cute keychain with a pic of my daughter. Which online store do you recommend?

Any favorite places in Marin to go pick blackberries?

Is it ok to expect a run down of your child’s day from Daycare? I get a: ‘she is doing great’, ‘she ate a lot and now sleeping’. End of day ‘she did really good, played with some toys, in the doll house, likes the swing. Very good.’ Hmm? Am I being overprotective?

Is it just me or are we Mothers asked to go back to work too soon after we had our babies. Why does it seem to me instinctively wrong to do so? I tried for a month when my daughter was 3.5 months old and it just didn’t work out for me. Now, she is 15 months and is going to daycare five days a week and it still doesn’t feel right to me. Are you with me?

What do you feed kids at a birthday party at a park? Age range 6 months to 12 years of age.

We are celebrating my little one’s first birthday at a park. Family and close friends. I am just not sure how big this should be. Everyone is telling me that the first year I should not worry so much. Still I need to think of drinks, food and party favors, right? How about decoration? What ideas do you have for a first birthday?

My 11 month old baby is bored with her toys. What should I get her next? Do I really need to buy more toys?

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