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Tristan reviewed a place Jan 12


Kids are an afterthought here. They’re included in menu, but actual recipe comes across like the staff creating the menu are not parents and just offer same adult meal as kids’ meal. Beware of the hotdog. I have nothing against the pretzel bun, but the sour cheese sauce dribbled all over it making it soggy, and excessively long hotdog makes for a messy and not-so-fun meal. Definitely NOT for k... More

Anyone actually use Kango? Feels weird to have a stranger drive my kid around. Looking for feedback, things to look for, etc, from parents that actually used them.

The monitoring app you added to your kids’ phone is a security nightmare.

Please don’t spy on your kids via their phones by adding (what is basically) malware and these janky apps that are poorly secured. 1) one app, TeenSafe, was found to be insecure and may have inadvertently shared your passwords: 2) This is not a great way to build trust with your teens/kids. My work does th... More

Snack tray!

After 4 years, it’s still requested: “snack tray!” One of my favorite discoveries was using a silicone muffin tray for his at-home lunches/snacks. (Though, he makes me fill each cup with a different food, so sometimes there’s the added stress of finding 6 snacks for lunch.) Anyway, it’s novel, practical, doesn’t slide around, and keeps stuff like applesauce separated without added dishes.

I finally found the list of herbs for lungs and trauma. Lots of easy-to-find things here to help with the wildfire smoke inhalation we have going on in California right now.

TechShop SF has N95 masks! Great for protecting you from the smoke and toxin filled air in the Bay Area right now from the fires. (With some work, they can be made to fit little ones. Better than nothing.) Paid $3.25 total for three of them.

Ugh. I walk my son to school (we call daycare "school" to skip to transition of the term later). Every Friday morning—for almost 2 years!—we stop and eat a donut on the way. I share Instagram pics of it, and family really loves it. I love it. My son thinks the world of it. Today, we didn't. My son decided he wanted to be a full-blown 3 1/2 year old turd this morning. Not the firs... More

Out of the blue while putting my 3 1/2 y.o. son to bed, he told me "Daddy, don't skip for me at the window, I don't like it." And then he rolls to face away from me. I am a bit shocked, and a little crestfallen. Backstory: He aged out of Ella's Second Home, so we started a new daycare that has up to 5 y.o. kids. And during the first week adjustment period I stumbled acros... More

Tristan recommended a place Aug 17, 2017


Westfield San Francisco just moved the fake grass lounge area from the dark corner to under the dome (4th floor by M.Y.China). It's a great place to take a break with the little ones. And since moving it, it's had a steady stream of parents and kids playing there. What's hard to see in the picture is the oversized blocks/dominos to play with on the middle grass section.

Tristan recommended a place Aug 15, 2017


If you haven't been, the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park is an amazing place to take kids. Free for SF residents (show ID). We've gone dozens of times, and my son now has favorite spots he has named and likes to show me. (Most being odd things only a toddler could love, of course.) He basically guides me around the place now. It's a closed park, so you will rare... More

Found this hilarious and relevant hashtag on Twitter. If you ever feel like you are alone in this and it only happens to you, other parents posting under #toddlerlife will prove you wrong :)

Tristan recommended a place Jun 29, 2017


My son has been going to Ella's for about 14 months. (As I am writing this, it is his last week as he is moving on to pre-K.) I was super worried about leaving my son with someone I didn't know, so deciding to do daycare was a HUGE stress for me. After the first week at Ella's, I knew this was going to be a really great place for him. As time went on, and he made friends, started... More

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