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Jenn posted in Funny Oct 10, 2019

Sometimes you just have one of those days...

I call it “Public restroom confessionals w/two kids who have to poop” #standardsafterkids #thankgoodnessitwasacleanrestroom

Extended Pretend Play

Anyone else struggling w/extended pretend play? My 4, soon to be 5 y/o is obsessed! We have some “Inception” play going down; MLP Mane 6 pretending to be Disney Princesses. If she had her way - and she tries - she would have us play from the moment she wakes up and she passes out from exhaustion. I’m so tired.

Cold virus on skin due to eczema

Has anyone has experience with their child having eczema? We just came home from the doctors today because our oldest had (non-itchy) blotches and we had no idea what they were and she’s had them before. (It is absolutely not hand foot and mouth.) Apparently due to her eczema and her skin cracking, even if it’s super mild, the cold virus gets under her skin and it’s how her body processes it. S... More

Love is infinite...

We’re a little late to Peter Rabbit (the story in general but the movie specifically) party but our 3yr old is OBSESSED! We watched it 4x today alone but I have to admit, I find it pretty amusing and love the casting. Of the entire movie, I love love love the line “Sharing love is not losing love. Love is infinite.” Ugh, such a beautiful sentiment. It’s such a simple idea but it has such great ... More

Banister stair barrier recommendations

We’re moving this weekend into a house that the stairs have a banister on one side. We’ve only ever lived on a single floor so it wasn’t even something we thought of. We have a 3 (nearly 4yo) and a crawling (near walking) 7mo. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Jenn posted in Sleep Aug 18, 2018

Sleep phases

Sleep phases come and go but currently (whilst we’re preparing to move no less) both kiddos are going through two very different sleep phases and we are just exhausted. Our oldest is just becoming aware that she can wake up and go potty in the middle of the night (which is a win no doubt). The downside, however, is she’s becoming restless and is getting up 4-5 times a night. Then the baby’s bee... More

Hospital admin “correcting” race/ethincity

I recently had to take our oldest to the hospital (she’s fine) and while we were registering in the ER, the admin person who was reviewing her patient file turned to me saying “Oh, well, she’s obviously not Hispanic.” Granted, my family are light-olive toned Hispanic and Spanish and my husband is all types of WHITE. So upon appearance, yes, you might not think Hispanic. Here are my two major ... More

Jenn posted in Sleep Jul 19, 2018

Great nighttime sleepers, poor nappers

So of course we’re cursed w/creaky floors. Makes it IMPOSSIBLE to sneak away! And thus, little to no naps. Onward and upward or vigilant potty patrol. Same-diff...

Thorn in my side called MiL

Youngest kiddo just came back from a long weekend w/the MiL and step-FiL where she was held and carried the entire time. We are strongly against this and try to emphasize and encourage self-soothing. Also don’t like to micro manage but now my back is killing me from carrying her bc the alternative would be crying until she makes herself sick. It’ll only take a couple of days to reacclimatize he... More

ER and Dr visits

We just spent last night in the ER bc our oldest cut her upper eyelid/eyebrow which they, thankfully, only had to glue. Is it crazy that, while the 1st priority is their health and safety, you want there to be something for the Drs to do so as to not be a waste of time and effort?

You are who you are

When I was pregnant w/our oldest, she use to dig her toes into my ribs. From the moment I could feel her, the newest kiddo wouldn’t sit still; she was constantly flipping and spazzing out. And they both still do those things. Though their opinions will change as they grow, it’s nice to know the some things will always be the same.

Mary Mary, quite contrary

Of all the phases, I believe this one is grating my nerves the most. About three weeks ago, our oldest started being quite contrary...about EVERYTHING. Even when she’s playing on her own. Deep breaths...

There’s no sick days when you have kiddos

I’ve been fighting for the better part of these past two weeks to not get sick. I have REALLY bad allergies and the pollen has been out of control. I’ve been avoiding going outside when I can and when I do, I usually wear a face mask, I’ve done saline rinses, shower twice a day and taking extra allergy pills. Started to feel crumby yesterday and it just progressed. Now, I’ve definitely develope... More

Jenn posted in Funny Jun 13, 2018

Hungry Hungry Baby

My 5 mos old is so ravenous when she eats purees that I have to use two spoons!

Baby’s so friggin easy!!!

With our first, I don’t know if it was bc I was lazy, too busy (working FT then) or just stubborn and intimidated, but I didn’t make my own baby food. My husband was super into the idea but I just didn’t get excited for it. Then the other day we ran out of baby food for our newest but I had organic frozen peas in the freezer (which I didn’t even realize until I was making our 3yo a smoothie...w... More

Let me tell you...

I am never more Puerto Rican than when someone gives side eye to my family, especially towards my kids...You lucky I’m not wearing my hoops!

Jenn posted in Funny May 31, 2018

“The colors, Duke, the colors...”

Just spent the past 20 mins convincing our 3yo that tampons are not candies. Why’s the wrapping so f’ing colorful!?!?!

The Life and Lies of Your Pregnancy and Postpartum Body

While exercise use to slow down my period, my postpartum body 2.0 turns up flow w/even the slightest hint of elevated heart rate. I swear, w/every pregnancy you relive puberty. Where is E! True Hollywood story about pregnancy and postpartum everything!?!? I want all the (possible) dirty details up front!!!

Challenge Accepted!

I proudly love (and to my MIL dismay) that when I tell my 3yo “no”, the kiddo takes it as a challenge to figure out how to do it on her own. I say no and she will turn and go “Aha! I have an idea!” and problem solve. I love how inherently strong and brave she is.


Our kiddo watches so many CBeebies shows that she now says zedbra and goes “nee-naw nee-naw” for emergency vehicles.

Persistence and Will Power

My toddler is Tim Robbins from The Shawshank Redemption and I’m the Wall. Except I have to be stronger. There’s no Rita Hayworth to cover me up.

Jenn posted in Funny May 13, 2018

Jurassic Cowboy

LEGO Chris Pratt riding a TRex. Does life get any better? I submit that it does not! Happy Mother’s Day

Here I go, here I go...

Just a normal afternoon; hubby and I singing Salt-N-Pepa to our two kiddos for some light entertainment. Totally appropriate. No big D.

Jenn posted in Funny May 11, 2018

My brain isn’t ready...

We have a 3 year old toddler and a 4 yr old dog. Sooo, basically I have two teenagers and they are moody AF.

Jenn posted in Funny May 10, 2018

Because of course...

I just swallowed a handful of pocket lint while taking my nightly meds. That was of course on top of our smallest kiddo peeing, spitting up and sneezing on me for 45 mins. All whilst I was reminding my husband that I don’t NEED his help, but he still needs to ask. Goodnight universe. As always, you have humbled me.

Jenn posted in Funny May 10, 2018

“YouTube Play”

I was just prepping dinner and overheard my kiddo mimic playing YouTube toy reveal. Guess we watch a lot of YouTube Kids. Oh well...

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