Elizabeth, CO


I always feel like I'm slacking on giving my kids good lunches. I always think I don't have enough or it's just not healthy enough (which most of the time is probably not healthy at all 🤦‍♀️) my 3 year old is extremely picky which makes it so hard and my twins who are 19 months are usually good eaters but can love something one day and then hate it for a week. Does anyone have easy ... More

Potty training

So my daughter is 3 1/2 and over the summer she had a couple days where she was totally into potty training and then by the 3rd day she refused. We talk about it all the time and she knows how to do it and she tells us every single time she goes in her diaper. Shes in preschool half days so they work with her, but its only 3 hours. When shes home should she just go naked? Make the potty the onl... More

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