Montgomery, AL

Childcare struggles

I have a new job and am going to be working outside the home now which brings the struggle of finding daycare. My stepson is 5, autistic and not potty trained. I am having issues finding a childcare facility that can take him because he is in diapers at 5. What alternatives or solutions has anyone else found for this issue? We have tried potty training and it stresses him out because he doesn&#... More

Autism sleeping tricks

My stepson is about to be 5 and is autistic. Usually he sleeps good but lately he has been getting up super early and is wide awake. He was up before daylight today and we got woken up by him running around the house. I've tried laying him back down but he doesn't ever go back to sleep. He already gets melatonin at night. What tricks have you guys found that help autistic kids sleep bet... More

HELP! Going crazy!

So my almost 9 year old stepdaughter wont quit peeing and pooping in her pants. She has encopresis so the pooping is annoying but there is a reason why. The peeing however is just her being lazy and not wanting to stop what she is doing or watching and go to the bathroom. It doesn't bother her to sit in the wet pee at all. We have literally tried every form of punishment and she just doesn&... More


My stepdaughter has Encopresis and the doctor had us do a full clean out and follow up with bowel training accompanied by Senna and Miralax regiments. It's been a month and a half and we dont see much improvement. She still doesn't just go unless we make her sit there and actually tell her to push out poop. Anyone else ever dealt with this and at what point did you see improvement if an... More


My 7 year old stepdaughter has been giving us attitude at home and is now acting up at school, not listening to her teachers and flat out telling them no. We talked to her about it but it's not helping! Any advice?

Potty training an autistic boy

My son is 4 and I am going to try potty training again. We have tried sitting him on the potty when he wakes up dry but he just cries and holds it and asked for the diaper. Would it be better to get him one of those kid Potts? What has everyone else found that is successful?

Childcare for an autistic child

I usually work from home but my company got bought and fired everyone so most likely my next job will be outside of the home. We have a 4 yr old with autism that is usually home with me. We now have to figure out what would be best for him for childcare. Any thoughts or experiences with daycares for autistic children?

bathroom accidents

my 7 yr old step daughter will not quit pooping in her panties. we have literally been trying everything and it doesnt seem to matter. even if we make her sit on the toilet until she goes she doesnt care and will sit there for hours just playing and not even trying. so beyond frustrated!

school supply lists

Does anyone else feel like school supply lists are out of control?


We recently found out that our 4 yr old shows several key markers for autism and needs to be tested. His older sister is 7 and constantly messes with him and makes him break down and cry. How do you explain it to an older sibling so that they understand?


so we just found out from the pediatrician today that my 4 yr old stepson shows many signs of autism and has suggested further testing. He also said that we may want to look into a special needs school as opposed to mainsteam public school. Has anyone else used a special school vs a public school?

potty issues!

My almost 7 yr old stepdaughter won’t quit peeing on the couch. She knows how to go to the bathroom but gets too lazy and doesnt want to stop watching her show to get up and go. It’s driving me nuts!

Behavioral issues with stepdaughter

My 6 yr old stepdaughter has been living with us now for 6 months after her mother sent her and her brother to live with us because she couldn't handle single parenthood anymore. They skype once a week and her mom talks about all the stuff she's been doing and i think it is making her sad and left out. She has been acting out at school and talking back to the teachers bad lately. Any ad... More

Dothan, Alabama

We are going to be stopping in Dothan on our way to the beach in a few weeks for a stretch break and food. Anyone know if any of the fast food places have a play ground or are there any good parks around?

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