Cypress, TX

SAHM. Proud of it to! Devoted mommy.

Looking for playdates for my 23 mo son and also a workout partner.

I am currently signed up for Fitness Connection and love going...however, my husband has left town for work and doesnt come home for another month or so...leaving me unmotivated and feeling depressed. Would love a friend for myself as well as one for my LO.

Baby diarrhea

Just a bit of info...if ur baby/toddler is having some diarrhea....I have found an amazing remedy! Diaresq is the most helpful thing when lil one is too young for any other meds. For 1 yr old and up! Tastes very sweet and they love it and usually helps within 1 dose!

Sleepless in Cypress

My son is 16 m.o. and has never slept thru the night. His digestive system cannot handle rice cereal organic, whole grain, nothing! He is an extremely picky eater and still takes bottles to sleep nap and night. I've tried the CIO method, gradually moving away method, moved him out of my room, etc. Nothing I have done has worked. F.O.FB say to give him melatonin, have him tested for autism, ... More

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