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Jess posted in Sleep Nov 26, 2018

Wood or metal bunk bed?

The top request on my 6 year olds list is a bunk bed...still not sure if I want to go for it, but have found some good deals on both wooden and metal bunk beds. Which one is stronger? And is it worth the extra money to buy the steps with storage?

18mo teeth brushing

My 18 month old will not let me brush her teeth at any cost..I’ve tried giving her another toothbrush, mirror, brush with her so she can see, nothing. She rips the brush from my hand and clenches her teeth or rolls around throwing a tantrum. Someone help lol!

Pre-K graduation

Advice on how not to cry at pre-k graduation?! Time is going by so fast! It makes me sad that 3 years of preschool are over, but excited for my son to start Kindergarten. Bittersweet😢

Does anyone else have a wild child?!

My 16-month-old climbs and jumps on everything and has no fear. It’s really scary! My first was not like this at all so this is shocking to me, and I can’t get anything done since I have to always watch her like a hawk. Today she put the remote in a cup of water, broke a bowl, and flung herself out of my hands and down a couple of steps. It’s so exhausting, and I am with her nonstop and these t... More

The past few weeks my 5 year old has been sleepier than usual. He cut out his naps when he was 3, and he always sleeps 8 pm to about 7-8 am. He’s had a lot of viruses since the holidays, most recently a bout of roseola which was 2 weeks ago. But 3 times in the past 12 days or so he has taken afternoon naps and complains of a stomach ache every now and then. We are in the middle of another snows... More

Has anyone ever had to deal with cavities in a young child? Sadly my 5 year old has a couple cavities, which I feel horrible about even though we brush twice a day and eat healthy. The pediatric dentist says they use laughing gas and then the local anesthetic, and I am nervous about any complications that could happen😩

Is it normal for a baby to be almost inconsolable during a bad cold or flu? She started with pink eye on Sat, then a cold on Mon and today seems to be the worst day so far. Her fever hasn’t gone over 100, so her dr keeps insisting it’s a cold, but I am worried. She is miserable and cries all day and doesn’t eat, and I’ve tried everything from vicks to tylenol, steamy shower, baths, humidifier, ... More

Any advice on transitioning from the rock and play to the crib for naptime? She sleeps in her crib every night, but is resisting it for naps, and the rock and play is just not safe anymore since she can squirm out of the straps.

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