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Hip Dysplasia and Pavlik Harness

Hey Mamas, We just found out our baby girl has Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips. Does anyone have experience with using a Pavlik Harness? We met with an Orthopedic surgeon and he said we can wait another 6 weeks to see if her hips fix themselves before using the harness. I’m concerned it will make her miserable since she will not be able to stretch her legs for 6 weeks! Has anybody used ... More

Breastfeeding Vent session

I am struggling to breastfeed my 3 week old baby! We started using a nipple shield in the hospital right after she was born. We began using it because baby girl had a severe tongue tie and my nipples are flat. We ended up getting her tongue tie snipped but still couldn't get her to latch without the shield. Now we are 3 weeks in and she has barely gained any weight (she is 1 oz over her b... More

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