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I hate dealing with naps and sleep

Does anyone else feel yhat way???? I love raising my baby , but this constant sleep battle is making me super anxious. My son was a terrible cat napper until he turned 9 months ,he still wakes at night and and it always takes forever to make him sleep again, he still has melt downs when pytting him down for naps once in a while and also cat naps often. I did everything by the book..... Mild sle... More

9 month old tantrums?

Is that a thing? My boy suddenly started gettiing really agry if he does not get his way. He will shout, throw evrything away that he was holding and have a major freak out. I am so tired. Additionally he wakes up at night and will stay up for hours fussing and crying if we try to put him back to sleep. Very, very exshausted...

Separarion anxiety

Hi. I think my baby recently developed separation anxiety, especially at night. He is 8 months old and started waking up around 1 am, crying. I usually pick him up and console and he calms down and half sleeps on me. But the second i come close to his crib, he starts freaking out again. This goes on like that forever and I end up putting him in our bed. I am so tired. He is such a loud sleeper,... More

Sleep schedule

Hi all. My son is 8 months old and i never really established a sleep schedule for him. I follow wake times and ever day is of course a bit different, pending when he wakes up and how long his naps are. But i am wondering if this is why his nap length are alll over the place and he still wakes up at night 1-2 times and sometimes is up for the day as eary as 5! :-/ anyone else not following a s... More

When to stop purees?

Hi. My LO is 8 months old and i have been only giving him purees. He hates chunkier food and is not interested in finger foods. Should i keep feeding him purees until he is ready himself or should i keep trying chunkier food ?

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