Dayton, OH

Crying fits at day care

So my step son just started a day care/preschool setting this week. Every morning at drop off and every afternoon at pick up, he has these crying fits that range from controllable to uncontrollable. He will either just cry and say no or he will drop himself on the floor and flail his arms and legs (side note: he only does that fit when his mom drops him off). I’m asking for suggestions on ho... More

3 yr old scared at night

How do you deal with a child at night that says he is scared, faking crying, and delaying bed time by 30-40 mins? Need help. My husband and I don’t agree on the right plan of action to deal with these behaviors. I say to leave it alone and don’t go in at all after reading and saying goodnight. He thinks to go in multiple times and try to console him until he falls asleep. Any advice?

Child care ASAP

Does anyone know of a child care business that is taking opening and can start as soon as possible, I.e next week. It is a shared custody situation and we have my step son 2 weeks of the month and the other two he is with his mom. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed!

Outdoor/indoor activity for a toddler

I am trying to find if there is somewhere in the community that will allow my toddler to run around and burn off energy. Either indoor or outdoor works.

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