Fresno, CA

I'm a stay at home mom while my fiance works sometimes 15 hour days. We have a handsome, sociable, and wild 1 year old boy named Samuel

Weaning a toddler off the bottle

My son is one and a half and is still drinking out of a bottle. Granted, it's only at night and before his daytime nap. Other than those times, he drinks solely out of a 360 cup. I tried getting him off bottles at 1 and sent him to bed with a sippy, but omg that was the worst bedtime fiasco I ever experienced and my resolve lasted maybe an hour before I caved and gave him his bottle. I am r... More

Handwriting and learning numbers, colors, letters, etc

When did your child start learning how to write? When do you think it is a good time to teach them the alphabet, numbers, colors, and very basic Spanish words? My dad used to use flash cards on us when we were about 4, instead of him reading to us, he had us read to him while he just guided us along, and he always had us doing those workbooks that you can get at Wal-Mart, and I was reading on m... More

Second Child

Is anyone out there scared to have another child because you feel like you could never love the second one as much as you love your first? My handsome boy is my entire world and even though he's a year and a half old, I'm still finding it hard to maintain my relationship with his dad (my fiance) and be a good mom BECAUSE he's my entire world. Anyway I know he needs a playmate and so... More

Similar experiences with mental health issues?

Are there any mommas out there who have ((or are)) experienced issues with self harm, depression, or eating disorders? If you are recovered, does the desire, more like a strong need, to go back to it ever come back? If so, how do you deal with it? I swear it feels like 1000 pounds have been placed on me and it brings so much guilt, pain, and more guilt for even thinking it.

Debating a Second Child

So I have kind of a long, complicated situation/debate going on in my mind as of late. I have PCOS. Luckily, after stopping my birth control after a year (I was told it was the wrong kind for me to be on), I got pregnant. I was told I wouldnt be able to get pregnant easily so I wasnt worried about it at all. Anyway so fast forward 9 months and we have a beautiful blessing of a son and we couldn... More

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