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Nurse maids elbow

My lovely one year old LOVES throwing his body to the floor if you’re directing him somewhere he doesn’t want to go.... he keeps throwing his body so hard and fast that his elbow pops out! We took him to the ER the first time and they kinda showed us how to do it ourselves but seriously it’s happened like 3 more times... I try to let go of him as soon as he starts to fling back but yeah..... I ... More

The whine

Looking for advice on the constant whine, fake cry, screaming for things my 12 mo old wants. I don’t want to give into the behavior, but I also try to remember it’s his only way to communicate. I try to reiterate words like “please” “up” “more” but the constant fake cry to get his way is giving me a headache! Do I just look away and completely ignore the fake cry so he doesn’t continue this? O... More

PPD and baby 2

I had some pretty intense PPD with baby number one, and only really got back to myself when he was close to 8 months... what is your experience with ppd and baby 2? We’d like to start thinking about our next, but the ppd worries me 😔

High chair?

What’s the easiest high chair to clean? Mine is so fancy with so many nooks and crannys I’m about to freak out if I have to spend 20 more minutes of my life wiping it down!!!! Help me :(

A funk?

My 9 mo old has been cutting his morning nap awfully short, like 30 minutes short. And then making it to his afternoon nap where he sleeps almost 3 hours.... is this a funk or a sign to switch to one nap? I feel like it’s too soon to be on one nap...

Reviews of Kirkland brand formula

I saw it today for almost 20 dollars cheaper than similac that we typically get from Costco. I looked over the ingredients and they looks super similar from what I saw. Anyone have any personal experience?

Milk strike??

This whole week my 7 mo old is refusing his formula bottles.... he’ll drink just about half of every bottle. I know solids really shouldn’t be offered if they haven’t filled up mainly on milk so I don’t know what to do?? Don’t offer solids? Is this a phase?.... he’s drinking probably 15 oz of milk 😔 (still eating every bite of solids I give)

Fact or myth?

Letting baby stand too early will cause then to be bowlegged? My son is 6 mo and loves when I stand him up, a friend said that will make him bowlegged because his legs aren't strong enough and he's too heavy to hold any weight.... is she just trying to scare me?

How much sleep?

What is the appropriate amount of sleep for a 6 month old? My son sleeps 4-5 hours during the day and 12 hours at night. It feels like so much... I know he's growing like CRAZY but I almost miss him because I feel like he's always sleeping 😂 #momprobs

Birth control!!! It's been several months so I'm ready to get back on bc! What type of birth control do you use? Pros and cons? My doctor recommended the IUD paragaurd.... I'm just nervous!

Help! Sick baby 😩 I need all of your best tips from your mother and your mothers mother! 5 mo is so congested in his chest & nose and has been sleeping for 2 days... took him to the doctor but she says we just have to ride it out. What works best for your baby???

We're ready to look into convertible car seats! It has been such a pain with our infant car seat being so bulky. Our passenger seat has to be slid completely forward and it's very uncomfortable. Does anyone have any recommendations for a convertible car seat for a smaller car?

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