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Trip to SD

Planning a trip with my 16 month LO to SoCal by myself.. any recommendations of what’s a good time to book my departure flight and returning flight? Early or late?

Looking for a toddler program

My little one is 15 months almost 16.. currently I’m working full time and my mother in-law watch’s my LO. I’m looking into finding a daycare center or home daycare that have a part time options twice a week half day.. any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

The Children’s Creativity Museum

My lo is 15 months and I was wondering how old a child has to be to participate in the activities? I never been there.

Part-time/2 days a toddler program

Hi y’all, Looking for a part time 2 a week toddler program for my 14 month lo. In the surrounding areas of the peninsula.. any recommendations of good and affordable/ reasonable prices. Looking for a place my lo can Socialize with other children her age. Thank you in advance!

Looking for a photographer for family pictures

Hi everyone, I’m currently Looking for a photographer for family pictures my lo is 14 months. In San Francisco or in the Peninsula area that is good,patient and reasonable prices. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations! Thank you in advance!

Alternating whole milk brand

Hi everyone, First time mom here.. working mom.. My little one just turn one a couple weeks ago we have switched her to horizon cow whole milk. And she has been doing great. She still wakes up once at night to have one 4oz feeding. Now that we are giving her cows milk... it’s so hard to wake up warm her milk in the middle of the night since both my husband and I work full time jobs. I was wond... More

Itchy throat and mild fever

What are some good remedies.. so far only used Motrin and elderberry s syrup. My little will be 12 months a in one day..

Whole milk

My lo just turn 11 months... when do you transition your baby to whole milk? Currently she’s on formula only and solid foods.

Simailic Soy fórmula ready to feed for infants

When my daughter was born she would get constipated so her pediatrician recommended that we try this soy formula for a while. We order so much that we have 3 whole box unopened of simalic soy formula 8 fl oz bottle / Case of 24 ready to feed. I honestly don’t know what to do with it does anyone know organization or agency that is willing to take it? Or where to sell it for a discounted price? I... More

Stomach bug

My lo is nine months and has the stomach bug... she loves solids.. any Recipes? Thank you

Sleeping habits

My lo is 9 months and she sleeps in her crib every night but struggles. She has a routine that we follow, it’s quiet and peaceful but she cries when I place her in the crib. As soon as she is done her last bottle of milk she wants to play and she rolls around. A couple minutes after that she falls asleep. But around 2-4am she wakes up for a bottle again. Last night she woke up crying with her a... More

Jessy posted in Sleep Feb 08

Naptime issues

Hi everyone! My little one is 9 months old and I’m a full time working mommy. While I’m working my mother in law watches our lo at her house, Which we are so Grateful! we also giving $$ every two weeks for helping us. Anyways she has a dog that barks all the time and I feel like my little-one isn’t getting enough rest during the day. She comes home super tired and jumpy. She’ll fall asleep in ... More

Jessy posted in Nutrition Jan 13

Starting finger foods

Hi everyone! I recently started giving my 8 month old finger foods banana, raspberry Dissolvable crackers. Any recommendations foods, fruits and veggies of which ones to give? She has not teeth I worry that she will choke. I want to give her corn kernels of course boiled but I’m not sure if she needs to have teeth to chew? First time mom. I appreciate any recommendations in advance thank you! :)

Decrease intake from formula..

So my little one is almost 8 month and lately she has been fighting a cold but we have noticed that she decreased her in take of formula milk..she loving eating the solids food and drinking water. She’s having a difficult time taking it or not interested or it becomes a battle.. I don’t want to force her to drink it but I worry she is not getting all the vitamins from the formula or worried of ... More

Cold/cough/possible sore throat

My little one is almost 8 months in a week. She started out with a mild cold running nose and sneezing. We noticed her formula intake is decreasing than normal. She has been eating all her solid foods 4oz of yogurt (breakfast) and 4oz (chicken and veggies purée). It’s not her first time getting a cold.. we usually give her chamomile tea, a nice honest rub cream, humidifier with a few drops of e... More

Stomach flu

I woke up this morning feeling terrible! Stomach pain, runs,Nausea, headache! My little one is 7 months how can help her not get it? Any recommendations or remedies for me? Thanks

Road trip to So Cal with my 6 month old

First time mommy and first road trip about 8 hour drive with my 6 month old to SoCal. A bit nervous.. any tips, advice, and recommendations? (We plan to leave at night so Little one can sleep)

Co sleeping

Recently my little one enjoys sleeping with us half of the night and do I. The other half of the night she sleeps in her crib. When I transfer her over to my bed she cuddles with me and I just melt. But sometime I worry I might squish her or something. I was thinking of getting a dockatot grande since she is a already going to be 6 months in two weeks but the are so crazy expensive does anyone... More

Similic Soy formula vs earths best organic gentle

My lo is 5 months has been on soy formula for 4 months (we gave her soy because the one before would Constipated her) I just tried Earths best gentle organic with the milk protein. I really hoping she goes well on it. Has any parents have to transition their babies from soy to milk protein again? Advice or any times

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