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Jenn posted in Babies Nov 24

Tylenol for teething

How often is it safe to give Tylenol for teething? My LO is 6 months and her 2 bottoms have come through and I think she is now working on the top 2. I just don't want to give her too much medicine, but it is the only thing that seems to help her at night.

Seasoning for Baby food

At what age can I add seasoning (even just some salt) to my baby's food? She is 5 months old and has been doing single ingredient purees for a couple weeks. She hated avocado, but I don't like it either without a pinch of salt. I'm also thinking about Thanksgiving. She will be a week or so over 6 months at that point and I was wondering if I could give her a few of the vegetables th... More

Jenn posted in Sleep Oct 20

5 month old sleeping on her stomach

So my 5 month old has been rolling into her stomach at night. I wouldn't care, but she likes to sleep with her face in the mattress instead of turning her head. Now, my peaceful, full nights sleep has turned into waking constantly to make sure she hasn't done this and flipping her if she has. How can I help her learn to turn her head?

Baby eating less

My LO is 4 months old and she was consistently eating about 30-31 oz of formula a day, usually four 7 oz bottles and a 2-3 oz bottle before bed. The past couple days she doesn't seem to want to eat, even when she wakes up (she sleeps about 12 hours without eating). Today has been an especially low intake day, as she has only had 19.5 oz and it is almost 5pm. She is acting normal and doesn&#... More

Infant Chiropractor

Just wanted to get people's thoughts on taking my almost 4 month old to a trained infant chiropractor. I feel like she has some limited range of movement when on her tummy and I was thinking the chiropractor could help.

Jenn posted in Babies Aug 31

Poop schedule

Ok, I know this is a silly question and the answer will be no, but is there a way to change my 3 month old's poop schedule? She usually poops once a day, but lately it has been at 5:30am! It wakes her up and then she is up for at least 30 minutes before falling back to sleep. I tried changing her once, but that was even worse because she thought it was morning and then just screamed when I ... More

Humidifier use

I have a 3 month old and I was wondering if I should be using the humidifier in her room all the time or just if she is sick? Thanks

Jenn posted in Babies Jul 28

Get rid of the pacifier??

My LO is only 10 weeks old, but she is very dependent on her pacifier for naps. She doesn't use it at night and can self-soothe if she wakes most of the time (sometimes she needs to pacifier at 5:30am to get an extra hour). Naps though are a different story. She needs it to fall asleep (unless she is in the car, stroller, carrier) and can self-soothe at all. This means that her naps are sho... More

Not wanting to eat in the evening

My LO is 10 weeks old. She was consistently eating 26 oz, but now usually eats 24-25 oz. This is because in the evening, she doesn't want to eat. In the morning, she will eat 4-5 oz bottles using a size 2 nipple. In the evening, she freaks out when we try to feed her and loses a lot when she uses the size 2 nipple, so we have been using the size 1. I don't think it is the nipple size be... More

Change in Bottle Nipple Size

So I'm pretty sure my LO needs to go up a nipple size. With the smaller one, she takes forever to eat and hasn't been finishing her bottles. She also spits out the nipple and refuses to eat. When I try the next size, she dribbles a bunch. How long does it usually take for babies to get used to thr bigger size?

Jenn posted in Babies Jul 10

Going back to work

I am a teacher at a private school that requires a lot of me. I don't have to go back until Oct 11, when my LO will be 5 months, so I'm grateful for that, but every time I think about leaving her I start to cry. How did you get through that?

Dreamfeed timing

I've been trying to get my 8 week old to sleep longer stretches. She goes to bed around 7:30 and then I've been giving her a dreamfeed around 10:30-11. That will usually get her to 3:30-4am, but then I have to get up again to feed her (or sometimes just rock her). I'm wondering if I should not do the 10:30-11 feed and just wait for her to wake up during the night and feed her then t... More

Infant Questions about Sleeping and Eating

I have a 7 week old and just thought I would throw out some of my questions. 1. When did your LO start sleeping longer than 3-4 hour stretches at night? What did you do to help them sleep longer? 2. When did your LO start consistently eating more than 3 oz per feeding? 3. When did you switch to a bigger bottle nipple? This is especially for those that use Avent bottles. My LO is still using... More

Jenn posted in Newborns Jun 28

6 week old grunting from 2-5am

My LO sleeps really well from about 7:30-1:30, waking up once to eat, but then from about 2am on, she just grunts and moves and doesn't sleep soundly. She isn't hungry because when I feed her at that time she usually only takes an ounce or so.

Jenn posted in Newborns Jun 06

3wo sleeping or crying

My 3 week oold has been going through a phase of either sleeping or crying hysterically. She also isn't eating very much. Yesterday was a much better day and she was actually happy when awake. The only difference I can think of was she pooped a bit more regularly and was passing gas. She had a big poop this morning at 4am, but then not much since. Her poop is normal color/consistency. I ... More

Poor latch and nipple pain

My almost 2 week old has a very shallow latch and it is causing pretty bad nipple pain, especially when she starts to feed. I am also pumping and have been thinking about moving to exclusive pumping and supplementing with formula as needed. I have an appt with a lactation consultant, but it is not til Friday. Any advice or experiences?

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