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Why is my two week old always wide awake at night? I was told that she’s supposed to be sleeping most of the time. Though this is the case during the day, she wakes up for a feeding at around 9pm and stay up sometimes till 12am. That’s almost 3 hours! She’s not crying or anything just wide awake! Can anyone relate to this??? Is this normal???

Any Owlet users having problems connecting with the base last night?

I have a 10 day old and we had to supplement her feeding with formula while breastfeeding because she was loosing weight. She has since gained some weight and showing very good signs in her feeding habits. With this context in mind, my question is do you really have to wake up a sleeping baby every 3 hours? Or can you let her sleep longer?

How soon can you take a newborn out of the house? Say a walk in the park? We’re feeling all cooped up inside the house.

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