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Very mobile 9/10month old - where do you go to catch up with friends?

I’ve kind of always been with my husband when seeing friends (and our baby). But I’m going to see a friend on my own (and baby), where/what setting would you meet them at? This friend doesn’t have a kid btw and baby does NOT walk yet.

MIL watching baby, how to handle an awkward request for her to leave at end of day

When we first set up this plan to have both grandmothers watching my baby, I told my husband not to over commit because it will he awkward to scale back on commitments... And here we are, wanting to scale back our WEEKLY family dinners on Thursdays with his bro/his mom who watches my baby that day, to bi-weekly. I know if we wait till bro gets a job, that can be the reason to scale back to b... More

Boppy uses

I used my boppy primarily as a lounger, when she was younger, I draped a blanket over the Boppy and she laid there. I guess it’s the same as boppy newborn where basically the center is sewn shut? We also use it as a pillow on the couch, for adults. Any other uses beyond breastfeeding?? Also, I found out the Boppy goes around my thighs perfectly. 🤪 I’ve just never used it for nursing!

Well it’s now been 7 hours since last bottle/breast!

Baby had last bottle at 3pm, and now it’s 10pm... I pumped at 9pm to be safe.... and baby is still not interested in eating... 🤷🏻‍♀️ words of encouragement, similar stories, etc.?

Growth spurt - pump at similar intervals??

If baby is having a growth spurt and it started during the week while I’m pumping at work at normal intervals, it would make sense that my milk doesn’t match to her needs right? So by the time the weekend is over, my supply should increase to meet her demands and I should pump at simile intervals (2 hours versus 3 hours?)

Restaurant seat choices for under 1 year old

I have purchased 3 types: 1. Cloth kind that slips over the chair - likely return 2. Booster seat that inflated to elevate child 3. The kind that hangs off the table - I can only imagine it working with a booth that is stable and connected to the wall We eat all types of restaurants, from hole in the wall, to casual family friendly types with booths. What do you recommend? What have you expe... More

We like our privacy - I feel guilty?

Husband and I are the only ones in the family that own a home, so our house is the central meeting place for family/holidays. In addition, both grandmas babysit my baby in my house each week. It was awkward and still is, because I told them they can ONLY stay for dinner 1x/week per grandma. So that’s 2x/week where we come home and have people around. Sometimes, our brothers/brother-in-law c... More

4mo old feet

Tell me why my 4 month old has a stink to her feet 😂besides occasionally being in footed onesies, discovering and chewing on her right foot, and bathing every 3 days, somehow she has a stink. She’s too young 😂😂

Distracted 4month old in the daytime!’

I pump so much extra during the week I can donate. Which is great. But on weekends when I’m nursing, I’m engorged so much bc she goes 4-5 hours without nursing, I bring my Haaka and could probably donate from wherever I am! I actually filled up the bottles I had with me I had to leave some milk in the Haaka with the lid, can’t wait to store it when I get home. How are others dealing with this??

When you wear high waisted jeans, how do you flatten your FUPA?

My underwear are all super low rise, so it makes my fupa worse. Do you wear high rise panties or control panties? I feel like the top of the jeans, and the panty makes a perfect little donut 😂

Other people that want to see your baby

How do you deal with family/friends who want to see your baby and hold them but it’s a large group with many people with the same intentions? There’s always one baby snatcher/hogger and others that hold back but you know they want/deserve a chance to hold baby. How do you deal? Do you keep baby with you and actively pass them around when you feel it’s time for someone else? Do you avoid grou... More

Suddenly refusing breast??

I don’t know why she’s suddenly refusing the breast! We’ve only done a bottle a day in anticipation of my return to work, and it’s more like a bottle every 2 days and it doesn’t usually go that well. As soon as I get into cradle hold she arches her back away from me and cries and keeps crying if I shove my nipple in her mouth. Sometimes I can soothe her and sing and sometimes I only get her t... More

Oversupply has ended! - not used to feeding both breasts lol

My milk has finally regulated. No more over supply. But that means I have to offer both breasts versus 1! It’s been a while since I’ve had to do both breasts. Sometimes baby falls asleep or fussed so I don’t do the second breast, but then every single time that happens, she is hungry nearly exactly an hour layer, versus her normal 2 hours. So funny that my over supply seemed like exactly doubl... More

Reflux baby, upright for 30min - nights??

What/how are you passing the 30 minutes when you nurse at night? I’ve resorted to propping her up against the blankets and sitting on my phone. But then it keeps me wide awake... what are you doing at that time? Any hacks? My ped said putting baby into a rocker or car seat is good too, but baby has some flat head so I’m avoiding those in general. Btw, she sleeps flat in a halo bassinest and ... More

Stupid question - pumping at work

I use the Similac app to track baby’s nursings and it varies between 1hr and 2+hr. Recently has gone back to 1hr or so. I go back to work in 3 weeks but will simulate my work schedule for a couple days before I go back. How often should I pump? I know “whenever baby nurses” But what do you think given recent changes in her schedule? I leave the house a bit after 8am, and get home around 5/5:... More

Daycare waitlist and suggestions, mandarin speaking

How long should I expect to be on a daycare waitlist in the fremont area - specifically Mandarin speaking daycares? And what is the going rate/cost? Any suggestions in the Fremont area?

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