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Kass posted in Behavior Mar 09

The crib VS 1yr old

My LO recently turned one so we decided it was time to lower his crib to the maximum adjustment an since then about for a wk now he’s been terrified of sleeping in it. Once he feels us about to lay him down he throws a fit an cries bloody murder, he’s always slept in his crib so the only reason for him acting up has to be the crib adjustment. He’ll stand an cry up until I pick him up again I di... More

Teething probs

Do amber necklaces really work? My baby was born with a tooth so teething has been a problem since early on but he recently turned 6 months an things just got really bad I think tooth #2 is coming in an it’s been unbearable past 3 days so I’ve tried nuby teething gel an that did the trick but I don’t want to constantly use it.

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